When a womans twists her vagina out and wraps it with duct tape till it looks like a penis.
A Sherection is alot of work.
by DCo January 11, 2004
Top Definition
When a woman is sexually aroused.
"Wentworth Miller is so hot! His chiseled features are giving me a sherection!"
by chastraps October 14, 2007
A female erection, no, not a chick with a dick - kind of like a sudden attack of the horn.
Every time he leans over my desk i get an instant she-rection.

by Notmysocks March 25, 2009
when a transvitite, or a drag queen, gets an erection, it it referred to as this word. also a rude way to describe a lesbian who's 'feeling sexy'.
"Look at that gay, i bet she has a she-rection,"
"I'm getting a She-rection..."
by 15jjc May 04, 2009
When you get a mighty raging veiny boner over the one and only ogre Lord shrek.
Timothy sat quietly watching Shrek when he all of a sudden felt his mighty Sherection rise at the sight of the wonderful ogre Lord Shrek.
by Shrek the ogre Lord May 27, 2015
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