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leader of groups. center of attention. gets whats desired. shy sometimes but mostly fine.intouch with the finer things in life.
that sheraz over there just seems to be the center of attention!!
#happy #hot #sexual #attention #cente
by bella19 March 16, 2009
it is a lion or an animal from the feline family that has a good bit of hair around its face. aka a lion
look at that sheraz in the terrain; its got a huge one! wow!
#lion #cat #tiger #feline #sher
by dorifkin October 25, 2006
the coolest of all kids in school, he is so coooool, bangs girls hourly and owns at CoD. what a legend.
Boy 1: Hey i just had sex last night!!
Boy 2: Awesome, but Sheraz had some 13142324 times!!
Boy 1: But that happens every night...
Boy 2: I know, I wish i was Sheraz.
Boy 1 and 2: Don't we all.
#sheraaz #sheraz khan #shawn #sean #sepal.
by jamalennit March 08, 2011
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