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The lowest of the low. The most arrogant. The Laziest. Has absolutely no idea how to lead from the front. Is book-Smart with no common sense. Believes his service is "worthy", when in reality it's just a sham. A life he will hide when he's 55 sitting at a VFW Bar.
Don't pull a shenk and pretend your a soldier.
by Cliff Claven December 18, 2010
1.) Verb- To stab someone in the middle region of the body while trying to cover it up.
2.) Noun- A small knife (usually home-made) used for stabbing someone in the stomach area
1.) OH MY GOD!!! I jus got shenked!
2.) I just made my own shenk out of glass and duct tape.
by Ben Jammin February 10, 2005
wut my sister says when she scrapes me
sister: shhhhenk!
me: owwww you scraped me
by panties July 15, 2003
A wrench
Hey son, grab that shenk and put it in my hand...thats a good boy.
by Gea January 19, 2004