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an emo who is so emo that you cannot tell if it is male or female
"woah! is that a boy or a girl"
"it's a shemo"
by sam moseley April 10, 2007
1. Similar to "Emo" (see definition) but applying to the female sex specifically. Over-sensitivity characterized by an iPod filled with female punk sounds.

2. Depressed females between the ages of 12-20. Identified by straight two toned hair , black mascara, and hot pink eyeshadow. Similar to punk, but differentiated by the over-use of skulls and hearts. Heightend promiscuity and a tendency toward black and white photos of themselves.

3. A musical genre categorized by its use of acousic guitar and deep throaty female singers. (ie. Paramour, Lillix, etc.) Has spawned children resulting a modern Pop sound, including female artists such as Ashlee Simpson, Hillary Duff, or that band with Ashley Tisdale and her sister)
"Oh my gosh, have you heard of the band Lillix? They're so shemo!"
by Toaster Avenger April 08, 2008
a male emo that looks so feminine it is often mistaken for a girl
look at that girl! oh it's actually a shemo haha
by strawberrycherry September 22, 2008
Female version of hemo
"Dude! That girl other there is so shemo!"
by Sammy Baldinni May 07, 2005
A girl who repetitively cuts herself with a razor while "shaving". normally a non emo looking girl, that has her troubles, and takes it out on her skin like other emos
you see jennies legs?
ya man shes such a she-mo
i know cutting her leg in the same spot two weeks in a row!
by A-dizzle sizzle April 12, 2009
A depressed female who is terribly desperate to fit in with her "the world should just end now" buddies.

Usually under 20, emily the strange and My Chemical Romance obsessed.
Medium to High middle class lifestyle with one parent.

Derived from the term "We-mo" which means wanna be emo, these kids are the worst of the lot, mind set on "coloring the world black" because "thats all they see".
Look at sallySUICIDE, you would think if you were gonna hack your wrists you would do it properly... Shes such a She-Mo!
by Kiah Von Krunk July 17, 2008
A female emo. Basically Fall Out Boy. What a gay ass band. Pete Wentz is a douche on roller skates.
Pete Wents is a mother fucking shemo queer. Ashley Simpson is a man. Come out the closet into the warm breeze of reality.
by Dr. nakanutzoff September 08, 2008
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