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Person or person who displays selfish behaviour. Only concerned with their own wellbeing and gain. From selfish shellfish. Can be shortened to shellers.
Joanna is such a fucking shellfish, she only thinks of herself.
by mjw198 May 01, 2008
Ladies parts that are unclean and scabby and therefore cause chaffing and iritation to the penis during sex.
Her bloody shell fish near took ma nob off!
by Martin Harkins July 28, 2006
The act of being selfish. Some that is selfish.
Balard: Damn, we suck, were losing by 30!
Earl: Maybe if u weren't such a shell fish and passed the ball we might not be down by so much!
by MIKIEL May 30, 2007
An ugly hoe that steals boyfriends, thinks shes the shit, thinks the world revolves around her.
1.Guy: Eww look shellfish is coming
Other Guy: Eh that nappy ass hoe run away... YAHHH BITCH YAHHH

2. Shelby Roberts
by itzabreezy February 13, 2008
A very good looking, intelligent person, who is extremely generous, sexy and awesome in bed. Some consider a shellfish to be god-like.
That guys is such a shellfish!
by The Moon Eclipsed July 21, 2008
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