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A Southern Fairfield County teenage boy who has a black girl's booty.
Damn, the shelf almost knocked over the T.V.
by Fatty Mcgee December 09, 2004
26 29
the area just above the penis which girls prefer shaved
kyle, john, and kenny's shaved shelf is much better than joe's non shaved rainforest. it feels better against my vag than the amazon.
by Kenny Pontrelli October 28, 2008
17 22
really good situation

legend--> the end of a ledge--> a ledge--> a shelf
i got you a present thats proper shelf
by emalicia August 25, 2007
5 10
A pair of tits that are so big you can use them as a shelf.
Look at the shelf on that stripper.
by merdogg January 16, 2010
13 20
a recently invented athletic sexual manouver similar to a WWF smackdown move.

the female involved lies down face first on the bed lips spread wide from behind, whilst the male climbs the bookshelf or other bedroom furniture (at least 1.5 meters high). with no prior warning the male launches off from specified height aiming to spear the female with his old boy
matt used the shelf move on leia last night and broke something in her vag
by olly k September 25, 2007
8 21
If a certain lady has a big rack, she needs a shelf to keep them up.
"Did you see that shelf?"
by Shred October 07, 2004
5 22
The small of a woman's back. Short for cum-shelf, because it's where a guy will often bust a nut when he's doing it doggie style in a porn flick, usually poolside.

Closely related shelf-art
Dude I busted a nut on her shelf!
by CB January 12, 2005
2 20