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A beautiful, caring, all around happy girl. She can lighten up the mood at anytime, anywhere. On top of all that, she's a GREAT kisser. She can be friends with just about anyone. Her personality is amazing, it makes everyone happy and smile. Unless she gets pissed off. She will be the most beautiful person you'll ever meet in your life. She's very funny, and even more fun to be around. She's very strong, and won't take anyones crap. If needed, she'll tell you how it is. She's not afraid to express herself at all. She may put herself down sometimes, but thats because she doesn't know just how gorgeous and phenomenal she really is.
Look at that beautiful girl! Her name must be Shelbee!

Damn I'd do anything to make Shelbee MY girl!

Did you see Shelbee? She always makes my day!
by waffles. March 27, 2011
a very unique and athletic hero.
you are such an awsome shelbee!
by panphilana May 28, 2008
The fuckin sexiest bitch you'll ever meet with a balla blog.
Shelbee is fucking perfect
by cocainexkisses August 30, 2011

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