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jewish coins/israeli currency and for some reason, slang word for cash in Ireland.
Id say they cost ya a few shekels.

Yeah not too bad, 60 quid.
by womoma April 16, 2005
Whimsical monetary unit
Let's spend a few shekels on redecorating the place.
by Icabod Engr August 26, 2004
Israeli Currency.
as of July 2005, worth about 1:4.5 of a US dollar.
"a bubble gum for a shekel?? thats robbery!"
by inferno July 31, 2005
What jews destroy nations, rape infants, cannibalize children and swindle us "goyim" for, all while charging us interest on our own money.
Behind every problem in the world there is a jew sitting in the counting houses rubbing his hands while counting shekels.
Oh Shlomo! My hands have the most terrible arthritis from counting all my shekels!
"I know shekelbergerstein! I've had the most terrible gas for the last week!"
by muhshekels lol May 31, 2016
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