A sheila generally refers to an australian girl. Sheilas still believe haircuts from the 80´s are sexy.With a tendency to show alot of their sagging breats,sheilas will always be found with a beer in one hand and a ciggarette in the other. The only time when you will find a sheila without any of the 2 possesions mentioned above is when their alcoholic 4th husband has bashed them because of sculling the last beer or smoking the last ciggarette, and they are on the floor licking up whats left of the beer or trying to sticky tape the broken ciggie back togther. Sheilas always curse asians and wear too much make up(usually to cover their black eyes). These gilrs have kids at 16....as soon as they become eligible for the governments ´baby scheme´ where $3000 is awarded to new mums for encouragement,as australia has a population issue. Found in pubs at around 9:00am or centrelink/welfare offices(standard opening time for both venues) sheilas are fond of kareoke and will not hesistate in sexual intercourse with a minor.Shelias are very malnutritioned and in the mornings look very similar to ´gollum´ from lord of the rings. Sheilas speak very slang australian english to accomodate their under-privellged brains. example below
ozzie bloke-´get her outta here...that sheilas puking again´

ozzie sheila-´you dont need to shave ya arm-pits love...men will still root ya´

ozzie sheila- ´Im on me blobs but you can plug me up the shitter´
TRANSLATION: Im currently going through my menstural cycle,do you mind engaging me in anal sex?´
by rawTruth January 18, 2007
Top Definition
A great and loving person someone that you can call a sister.The most amazing cook ,generous heart,caring and loving. She is Funny and loves to Dance even if it is to her own music. Life is full of fun and funny stories with lots of laughter when you are with her. She pushes her self out of her comfort zone to accomplish the tasks that's placed before her with a job well done. When you are sad or feeling ill she is the first one to respond to your side.

If your a Sheila set your goals high, Because this is what Sheila's do.

It is Cool to be a Sheila ...Bright, Smart and Beautiful in side and out. Most of all In tune with the Spirit of God!
Sheila: Spiritual,Good Humored,loving and caring.
by Shasha lopez February 03, 2010
Australian/Kiwi slang, for a female.
she was a spunky sheila
by john March 05, 2004
The most bomb ass chick you will ever meet. She has your back no matter what and has every guy looking her way (even though she completely denies it). She will always tell you what you need to hear but not necessarily what you want (makes for the best advice). She is brutally honest but you will never regret listening to what she has to say. She can make you laugh when you want to cry. She is always kicking butt and taking names. She will laugh with you all night and has a problem with cold pizza. When she smiles the world smiles with her because when you are that awesome well... no on can help it. She has her life planned out and anyone included is lucky as hell. Never cross a sheila she will rule the world some day!
guy:I want a girl with a mind like a diamond,I want a girl who knows what's best
girl: so... you want a sheila?
by mandypants93 August 16, 2010
Sheila is the most beautiful, amazingest girl in the world you could ever meet. Sheila is as closest to perfect you can get. If you ever meet Sheila, treat her well and keep her in your life until you die; you will not regret it.
I love Sheila :)
by Brandon <3 :) April 13, 2010
An Australian colloquialism for a girl, often amazing, beautiful and smart. An absolute babe.
Ryan: Wow, look at that sheila over there, *droolz*

Andy: Yeah dude, I think I'm in love
by Ryanne Jane September 20, 2008
1-A sheila is a worshiping word for a beatiful mysterious woman that one of your mates knows on a first name basis, but you have never met.

2- a possessive term used for ones girl, lover, or CSP
First Kiwi bloke: geeez mate...that sheila of yours...she is a beauty

Kiwi Bloke: ...stay from my sheila cuz...

Aussie Bloke: as if you would fuck a sheep...bloody sheep shagger
by Albert Aussie September 03, 2005
Sheila, is an awesome person, completely EPIC! She can make someones world spin around and around without even realizing it. She is fun to be around, enjoys your time, has fun with you. Yet has a serious side at times, and can't stand seeing someone she cares for hurt or ill. She also is a very cute nature at times but also somehow can surprise you with random things. Tries to keep everything positive and feels bad when someone is feeling down in the dumps. Sheila can make your world go as high as the heavens, but... tempt that bond that she may have with or hurt someone she cares for, you will get paid back, 10 times fold! She is smart but denies it, and talented as well, very creative mind, even if it is the small things.

But if you ever meet a Sheila, don't treat her wrong, or something worse shall be heading your way.
*Sheila = AWESOME!
Random guy: Who is that?
Another random guy: That is a Sheila man.

Random dude: ~Dude pushes Sheila.~
The bad omen: Why you do that punk! No one touches Sheila! ~Body slams random dude.~
by Mactire Camalus August 11, 2011
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