A sheila generally refers to an australian girl. Sheilas still believe haircuts from the 80´s are sexy.With a tendency to show alot of their sagging breats,sheilas will always be found with a beer in one hand and a ciggarette in the other. The only time when you will find a sheila without any of the 2 possesions mentioned above is when their alcoholic 4th husband has bashed them because of sculling the last beer or smoking the last ciggarette, and they are on the floor licking up whats left of the beer or trying to sticky tape the broken ciggie back togther. Sheilas always curse asians and wear too much make up(usually to cover their black eyes). These gilrs have kids at 16....as soon as they become eligible for the governments ´baby scheme´ where $3000 is awarded to new mums for encouragement,as australia has a population issue. Found in pubs at around 9:00am or centrelink/welfare offices(standard opening time for both venues) sheilas are fond of kareoke and will not hesistate in sexual intercourse with a minor.Shelias are very malnutritioned and in the mornings look very similar to ´gollum´ from lord of the rings. Sheilas speak very slang australian english to accomodate their under-privellged brains. example below
ozzie bloke-´get her outta here...that sheilas puking again´

ozzie sheila-´you dont need to shave ya arm-pits love...men will still root ya´

ozzie sheila- ´Im on me blobs but you can plug me up the shitter´
TRANSLATION: Im currently going through my menstural cycle,do you mind engaging me in anal sex?´
by rawTruth January 18, 2007
Sheila is australian slang for a Trans Sexual.. For example..
in the movie "crockadile dundee", mick goes into a bar and starts talking up a broad, then the taxi dude tells him its a guy so mick cops a feel on the guys crotch and feels a schlong, so he says

"that broad was a sheila"

if we cant trust hollywood for porper definitions.. WHO CAN WE TRUST?
by Scott Wilt September 03, 2005

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