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spirited + cheeky; fresh with individual style.
by ces09 September 07, 2009
Impertinently bold; impudent and sexual, often used when referring to Miss Connor or Miss Dziewulski.
The word can also be lengthened to "CHEEEEHEEEEEEKY."
It is also as derivitave of the word "Chic." i.e. fashionioable and the counterpart of posh -
exceptionally stylish and attuned or a 'setter' of popular trends in speech, women, dress, art and music.
"Holland and Clive are just so sheeky."
by Ollie Holland May 24, 2008
sheeky shee' - kee :: adj.

spirited and cheeky; fresh with individual style.

shee'ky-ness n., shee'ky'nis'ta n.
Get sheeky! Are you sheeky?
by stb07 June 27, 2009
A combination of sneaky and cheeky.

As below...
I'm gonna sneak upstairs for a cheeky wank #sheeky


When you take a sneaky trip to Nando's with your side chic #sheeky
by WhizardS April 02, 2016
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