1. A nickname used for people who are hypocritical assholes. They tend to hate intolerance (specifically against homosexuality and such things) yet they are very intolerant themselves.

Another characteristics of a typical Sheather are a foot fetish and having an erectile dysfunction.

2. A guy with a very small penis. He needs to compensate this and in order to do that, he's a major jerk (don't confuse this definition with the def. 1.).
1. He always talks about cumming over feet and about how he hates religion! He's such a Sheather!

2. That guy is very disrespectful towards people, he must be a real Sheather!
by The Insane Death February 21, 2014
A sheath is synonym for foreskin. A sheather is a person poseesing the foreskin.
Dave pulled down his pants and everyone saw his sheather. The skin was floppy like an old man.
by David Chernard September 26, 2005

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