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the pronunciation of "Seattle" by anyone of Asian descent, especialy Filipino
"I just got back from shattle"
"What the hell are you talking about? You shat your pants?"
"No, shattle. In Washington."
"Oh, Seattle. Why don't you learn how to speak you dumb bastard"
by timyahtim March 28, 2009
To poo
"I think I just shattled my pants . . ."
by Nuht September 09, 2009
to get off work earlier than a mate and rub it in their face
"shattles amy you crackhead - im fucking offski"
by shatmister April 29, 2009
The act of defication while riding a bicycle. Primarily used to provide extra cushioning and support between the saddle of the bicycle and the posterior of the cyclist.
1. Lance shattled himself during the race in an effort to provide the support he lost to his missing testicle.

2. I heard John shattle in an effort to relieve his aching ass.
by fotofotof June 30, 2015

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