A girl or a guy who doesn't really look good at all, meaning he or she is worse that shit.
"damn man, Keisha is Shat!"
by Laila March 30, 2004
Best group ever

1.Group who rocks, made songs called: i got a boner and i wanna bone her, lick my balls then my ass, band whore, i fuck my pillow, wht the fuck do you think christina aguilara is doing right now?, i threw up on her cunt, early morning hard on, and countless other classics

2. past tense of "SHIT"

3. censored way of saying "shit"

4. stuff

5. abbreviation of William Shatner
1. SHAT is the greatest group ever, listen to the best of shat at barnsandnoble.com
by matt January 07, 2004
another word for stuff
Man i've got to go get some shat from the adult section in the back.
by Johnson November 14, 2003
A word for shit used by weird kids from the north.
A girl from cinn. says to her friend:
i just shat....
by josie stevens November 05, 2003
1.One of the past tenses of shit, the other being Shitted
2.Somethin a tea-sippin british panzy would say
Having shat, the british man said, 'Tea time pass the crumpets'
To be Shitted on
Stephon got shatted on by some birds at school
by Niga-please February 06, 2003
the proper way to dictate the already funny word "shitted"
You: Hey what the were you just doing for an hour in the pisser?
Friend: Oh.. I um. Shat.
You: Sounds like fun lol.
by bamluva23 June 03, 2010
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