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a hot, sexy, talented girl who every guy desires
by babysha October 17, 2003
A person who is neutral and indecisive. Sometimes mistaken for a push over or careless. They always want things to be harmonious.
1. When Ashley and Mary had a fallen out, they both wanted Sue to choice which one of them she would be friends with. Sue became sharika.

2. It was Sue's night to pick out dinner. She want Pizza and her husband didnt. Since she was sharika she let her husband decide.
by iamwhateverusayiam February 04, 2010
1.The word Sharika is used to describe a person that is excessively odorous and doesn't stop smelling no matter what.

2.This word is also used to describe a jealous, overly-flirtatious person that cannot take a hint that the person that they like does not like them. At all.
1. Girl1 to Girl2: "PHEWWW, Dave is so SHARIKA! No matter how many showers he takes he will still smell!"

2.Girl1 to Girl2: "Ohmygosh, Dara is being such a Sharika! When will she ever get the hint that Marcus doesn't like her? I wish she would stop being so obvious about liking him!"
by Valerius November 22, 2009

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