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A beautiful lady. Smart and damn seductive. Shara is a kind of girl you can trudt and lean on, often times, she can be a joker but a total serious girl. full of surprises and brings happiness. easily get hurt and cry. Easily disapointed.
shara - a perfect baby name for your little girl.
by Websterthinkers March 27, 2008
a good friend who sticks up for you and aways is they for you
shara is a good friend who helped me though my relationship break up
by Chris April 13, 2005

A created word from a created language based mainly on Latin though heavily influenced by other languages; used in communication between Houses.
This woman is a Shara of the House.
Shara Aramina Bel'Tara of House araka.
by Aramina Bel'Tara November 02, 2004
Most commonly found in the online game, Rappelz, it is a randomly generated name for a pet.
"Mind if I trade my ShaRas for your KorrMos?" (KorrMos is another randomly generated name)
by Zleppar September 12, 2009
not a skank. but eating lots ritz crackers.
look at her eat those ritz crackers
by slowcho April 10, 2005