A female who, at first, comes across as, for lack of a better word, 'perfect.' Upon further examination, however, and as time progresses, the female will go through a series of changes, including but not limited to mood swings, lying, cheating, stealing of financial assets, using a male for transportation or expensive hand bags, and ultimately, the savage ripping out of the male human's intestines, heart, lungs, and stomach, leaving the male a puddle of broken hopes and dreams on the floor. Happy Birthday Gage.
Mother, I'm having a female come over for dinner tonight, if that's alright with father.' 'Is she a nice girl son? What is her name?' 'Don't worry mom, Susie's not a shapeshifter.
by Biggie Benny Brown Town August 14, 2010
Someone who employs the use of aides to enhance appearance in the hope of attracting a mate. note. could also be termed "false advertising" or "female transformer"

Women generally use push up bra's, high heels, hair extensions, make up and other aides to shape shift into something they are not, once you get home with one they morph into their real shape which is nothing like they appeared earlier.
"Hey man check out that shape shifter over there, she is currently quite attractive."
by Elita One March 17, 2009
Some group who try to play music. Also known as "Shirt Lifters"
Shapeshifters's latest song plays
Person 1: *dies*
by Duffy October 06, 2004
Someone who looks hot in some instances, but not-so-hot in others.
Uma Therman is a shape shifter.
by bleeblah June 26, 2006
This druid is not called Shapeshifter because of his great access to a variety of forms, rather because of his complete dedication to a single form. This druid has willingly allowed himself to become infected with lycanthropy, but due to intense study and training he has the ability to control his affliction. The creature he becomes is that of a werewolf, the most famous of all the lycanthrope shape changers.
a very wierd and powerful person
by smurf August 23, 2004
A transsexual or a shemale.
Also, a man who dresses up as a woman or vice versa.
Mike: Dude, can you see that cute babe by the bar?
Ralph: Give it up, she's a shapeshifter...
Mike: You tellin' me that's a guy!?!?!?
Ralph: Yeah man, she is.
by KyleDilax November 13, 2006
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