The act of slapping something or someone with one's member.
by Grime April 11, 2003
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Top Definition
Shapappy , or shapapy, is the act of slapping someone across the face with a penis.

Also known as shapapy

Pronounced as Sha - Pap - Pee
Last night while having drunken sex with my girlfriend, I dick slapped her and said "HAPPY SHAPApPY BITCH."
She then proceeded to twist my testicles and tell me she isn't speaking to me for the rest of the night, and im taking the couch. FTL :(
by Katra October 25, 2005
The act of whipping a person accross the face in the a very degrading. Victims of this actions are usually left with no sense of pride or wanting to live. This usually falls upon people who pass out after small amounts of alcohol.
Shawn who drove a sunbird who sold it for a gayer car known as a cavalier (not just girls drive them) got shapappied when he passed out walking up the stairs, he wishes he was dead now.Shit I Got You Good
by Blake September 20, 2004

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