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1.Noun- Someone who is usually the best choice. Uusually great in mental capacity and wanted by all women and men.

2.Adjective- someone who does not give up and is irresistable to all living organisms
You're so shantanu today!

I wish I had dressed more Shantanuishly
by shantuna March 05, 2009
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Hot sexy beast who will always be too good for you, but in reality is a total asshole.
However, some days you wonder what goes on in that intelligent mind of theirs.
"Why does that sexy beast have to be such a dick?"
"I mean he's really smart and everything and has that bod, but his asshole persona just adulterates the whole thing"
"Oh he must be Shantanu"
by Anonymous usuper October 22, 2013
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A male who is preposterously bad at losing, often resulting in a child-like tantrum befitting a small child. One who is prone to hissy fits.
"Dude, was playing ping-pong against this kid in school and he threw his racket down in the middle of the game and ran away cursing and crying. A real hissy-fit."

"Oh man, sounds like a real Shantanu. Sorry to hear it."
by SirNedStark March 27, 2013
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1. A guy whose life is completely falling apart. Everything seems to be going wrong for him in his personal life.

2. A devoted Liverpool supporter, which further adds to his misery
Hey that guy is such a shantanu, someone just stole his brand new phone
by paad April 12, 2011
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some one who likes to think they are ripped but in reallity are a big fat piece of tuna, shantanu can also be refered to a male kangaroos anal organ which sits next to its G spot.
dam you are getting shantanu you fat shit
by harold smith lumar May 28, 2009
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