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Someone who's funny by using sarcasm and intelligence. Shannyn will always impress the pants off of anyone. usually loud and rather talkative. Shannyn can't sing or dance but marvels in other talents. often insecure for no reason. Very nice style and eyes.
by ballinfalife August 20, 2011
Sexy white girl with mad dance moves. Gots a nice ass and knows how to shake it. Can a roast someone until they give up and go to sleep. Knows how to have a good time and is hella chill to kick it with. Parties like there's no tomorrow and loves to smoke and drink. Bottom line she's one bad bitch.
Guy 1: dam that girl got a nice ass
Guy 2: ya she must be shannyn
by Dr. Jz December 02, 2011
shannyn is very pretty. she is a person you can trust. a person who adores violin and piano, green peace and animals. a person who has orange eyebrows, but its okay becuase a shannyn is a special gift.
person 1:so have you seen shannyn?
person 2:like the cool domremy one?
person1: YEAH! shes fucking rad!

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