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Literally, your leg's horse. To go about on your feet. An old expression no one ever uses.
"You look beat! How did you get here?"
"I came all this way on shank's mare!"
"No wonder you're tired!"
by Vee Are Are Schee May 22, 2004

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mexican wheels idiom meaning to walk from old mexico
1,000 miles shanks mare and the stinking border patrol man stops me for WUI CUF ( walking under influnce & crawling under fence ). I much better off in gringo jail, nice bed, pot with handle (flush), internet, tecate, 1 ho each 5 hombre, una polo de salsa. I stay in your cuntry si.

PS amigos wtf I "huck my mare named shanks a 1,000 miles"
por favor amigos! big horse
by itichie_nocanpo June 24, 2006