code name for canabis
also conditioner - tabaco
rizla - paper hair nets
that person washes his hair too much. It's becomming dry and brittle. in other words there a complete stoner
by jack March 07, 2004
a terd trained in the art of counterfiting
DAMN, that shampoo just sold my a faulty dildo!
by Speas March 09, 2003
Sham: deriving from the word 'fake' and, Poo: aka..fecal matter, shit, crap.. etc
basically means 'fake shit'
i went to buy weed the other day and they tried selling me this shampoo
by ScarletMistress January 08, 2008
shampoo, noun.

A codeword to say around the office that will not arouse suspicion (dl), to alert your coworkers that someone of importance is in the room; time to close the poker / pr0n.
I'm top 30 in the freeroll and some fucking shampooo walks through the door.
by og October 27, 2004
Preppy slang for French Champagne.
"Win, Buffy, Muffy and I got totally bombed on Shampoo last night, and then we played hide-the-salami"
by Jeffrey March 25, 2004
1. Detergent for hair, commonly used by faggots and sissies.
2. Alternate street slang for stain left on couch after fornication.
1. Hell no I don't dirk tea. That is for guys that use shampoo.
2. My roomate banged his sister for six hours last night. There was shampoo all over the couch.
by jovato May 06, 2003

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