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A word used to describe something that's just absolutely so brilliantly amazing that no words can describe how much you are enjoying it. So you use shamoosh.
You add an extra o in the word for every time you expereinced one the following:
*an orgasm
*pulled someone you liked
*had sex
*got asked out by someone you like
*got a phone number
*got asked for your number
*got something free i.e. a gift, drink
*got so incredibly drunk your life lost all meaning
*started dancing to your fave music
*got high
*had the best time of your life
Me: Curt your party last Friday was shamoosh
Jen: I thought it was more shamoooooooosh
Curt: (She must have got lucky.)
by the_end_is_nigh (myspace) September 18, 2005
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