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1. Used singularly, it is a language, characterised by fast speech, over-use of the 'e' syllable, and insertion of 'h' consonant at odd intervals; the language of Deeegeenerrattion;
2. To speak in code.
Definition 1:
Guy: Why the hell are they talking like that?
Dude: Oh its some school thing. They call it 'Shamada'
Definition 2:
Dude: Timme! I gotta tell you something
Guy: Speak in Shamada, noone will understand.
by Blackstump November 16, 2003
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To mumble something incoherent.
That bum was sooo shamada shamada!
by Wordup November 07, 2003
1. To describe the state someone is when they are at the Where am I stage of drunkness
2. To act in a timme way
3. Characteristic of a disgruce
4. A lesser insult to poor guy, often used affectionately as one of Sag's nicknames.
Mr. X: Ahhhhmmm gaaayyyy!
Mr. Y: Shamada Shamada!
by Blackstump November 10, 2003

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