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A very delicious soup filled pork dumpling from China.
Ideally cooked using a bamboo steamer, the cooking process can also be duplicated (albeit poorly) with a spaghetti pot and two cereal bowls.
A staple food of the Tour of Asia Night, one may take the form of the aforementioned dish by imitating the form of a falling raindrop.
In recent years, the shortened form "Shal" has become popular for a male first name.

Also known as xiao lom bao.

"Hey Fang, can you pass the shalumpa?"

"OUCH! I just burned my mouth on the shalumpa soup!"

"You should try these xiao lom bao." "What? Shalumpa? Yum!!"
by Jake "Shal" Sablosky July 26, 2007
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