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One who cannot see the beauty or attractiveness in anyone who does not fit "perfectly" in the "beautiful people" steriotype. A character flaw that causes one to judge another solely by unrealistic or perverted standards irregaurdless of the judged person's personality, abilities, character.
Julia is such a shallow hal, in college she was dismissive of who she considered the geekiest guy in america, she even told him he was useless: I wonder if she gets it now?
by justymin August 27, 2006
Derived from the movie "Shallow Hal". A label given to one who consistently overestimates the attractiveness of other people.
Guy 1: "Damn, that girl is smokin'"
Guy 2: "Did you see the buck teeth on that bitch?
Guy 3 to Guy 1: "Shut the fuck up shallow hal"
by bohits January 27, 2004
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