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A girl that will always make you smile; A girl that u can fall in love with; a girl that will be by your side no matter what; a girl that is perfect in your eyes and only yours.
"Shalini is the love of my life, she is always there for me and there isn't a thing or person that makes me feel so happy, so confident, so alive, so..."
by qwertyua September 16, 2007
noun. a girl who is down right the most amazing person you will ever meet. This girl is smart, pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, caring, loving, sweet, and trusting. Her eyes hypnotize you in a way that'll drive you crazy. This girl only comes around once in a million years. Consider yourself lucky if you fall in love with this girl. This girl will be with you through thick and thin. This girl is absolutely perfect.
"I love you Shalini. Forever and always will."

"Dude Im going out with Shalini"
"SON OF A BITCH. I wanted her..."
by udawg215 January 04, 2012
Shalini is the kind of girl who will change your life... She is beautiful and has a smile that shines as brightly as the sun. She has a strong mind but a soft heart and her love for others is overflowing. Her spirit is gentle and kind and she has an unfaltering faith. There is nothing but greatness in Shalini's steps. Her words are powerful and her journey is full of great triumphs. She is strong and courageous yet she is full of grace. One of god's most precious gifts is a Shalini who will walk life with you... If you ever have the chance, tell her she is the reason you wake up in the morning and without her your life would never be the same.
She is also absolutely hilarious and NOT quiet despite what certain people think.
You- "Hey im really lonely these days.."
Shalini- "Come over to my place! we can have a sleepover"
by somerandomweirdo92 November 09, 2012
noun. the practice of procrastinating on assignments, specifically assignments of incredible significance or importance. This procrastination is most often carried out by claiming that one is "not in the mood" to do said assignment. Instead, the person will go out and eat "to get more energy", take naps "because s/he has a headache", or goes on facebook because s/he "can't concentrate".
- "Guys, I really don't feel like doing my midterm essay. I think I'm going to take a nap and do it tomorrow".
- "You've said this the past 5 nights! Stop pulling a Shalini!"
by rice and bean November 23, 2008
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