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A term used to describe how badly someone is shaking either from the DTs or nerves or while attempting to do something small and detailed like threading the eye of a needle.
Described thus in reference to when a dog takes a dump, it often shakes its hind-end or whole body during the task. If it were razor blades being defacated, then the shaking would likely be infinitely more pronounced!
Scott: *trying to put a nut on a bolt wedged way up inside the frame of his car* "I can't...quite...get the mother...shit, I just had it...FUCK...I can't get it, my arm is going numb!!!"

Max: *watching Scott fumble and shake as his arm becomes spaghetti from the tedious task* "Dude, your shaking like a dog shitting razor blades."
by psiscott April 11, 2006
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