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A term which is used by surfers, pot smokers, and everyone down.
The lifeguard said the rip current was bad and I shouldnt go in the water. I just ignored him and bumrushed the ocean yelling out, "shaka bra", because I was blunted!
by thehonk August 20, 2008
A term said in combination with a hand gesture where you extend your thumb and pinky, while keeping the middle three fingers closed.
Often associated with pictures taken whilst on boring trips down zip lines.
Okay, you're all strapped in! So, about halfway down the line, you'll have your pictute taken! Remember to do the shaka bra when i yell "Shaka Bra"!
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by Pensiveanemone0 June 14, 2016
More commonly known as a Hawaiian phrase meaning "hang loose", now used by wannabe Hawaiians that have only visited Hawaii once and think they are now, in fact, Hawaiian themselves by using the phrase. These people sometimes also think they are black along with Hawaiian which makes them furthermore retarded often using the racist slang "nigga" after the phrase.
Dude 1: Well I'm going to take off...

Dude 2: OK, shaka bra nigga!!!

Dude 1: Yeah, w/e...bye.
by Hector June 15, 2006
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