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1) An (often putative) upcoming event involving much sexual activity.

2) A sex party.

3) A party with the swapping of partners for sexual purposes.

4) Intercourse involving two or more people, usually suggesting that coupling has taken place several times.
1) I'm hoping for a shagfest on Friday. Marion has asked her friend over.

2) The vicar invites you to a shagfest after the main service on Sunday. Please bring your own mugs.

3) I picked up a sexy beast at the shagfest last night.

4) I didn't sleep last night: it was a complete shagfest and my dick is now sore with exertion.
by gwank July 05, 2004
When two people are inseperatable, constantly with one another and antisosiable to others whilst in each others company.
To lock oneself away with a partner in ones room and not come out for days except to eat. To Shag Fest.
by Arn Dog October 25, 2006
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