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a small bird.
Theres a shag eating my nuts.
by welly boot February 05, 2003
18 16
The greatest man alive
He is a good guy, but he is no shags
by Kevin Sviokla February 01, 2003
18 16
A term used among beach and court volleyball players asking someone to fetch the ball.
Hey, shag the ball.
by freckles on her temples August 07, 2011
1 0
A partner dance popularised by American college kids in the 1930's. The short form of "collegiate shag". Related to the Charleston that came before and the Lindy Hop that came after.
Characterized by a six-count pattern and a close hold with bums sticking out.
Would you care to shag, Martha?
Why certainly Harold. I haven't danced for weeks!
by Thee Red Monkey June 02, 2006
17 16
slang word for: 'sexual intercourse'

not used today as much as it was used in 2003
Fancy a Shag?
I really want to shag you!
by Jazz Carter April 02, 2007
7 7
A dance done on the beaches in the southeastern United States.
I went to Myrtle Beach and did the shag.
by lola October 09, 2002
12 12
(verb) to retrieve a throw projectile in track & field, such as a shot-put or a discus.
Hey Dick, go out and shag my shots for me.
by Treta May 01, 2005
12 13