a sport involving riding round on a brush shaft like a horse, while finding unsuspecting people to "shaft"- meaning harass with the brush. usually violent
hoi...ill shaft you with a brush. want to go shafting tonight?
by Daphne Louise May 10, 2008
Top Definition
1) Anal Sex
2) Being overly friendly, butkissing, asslicking
1) I shafted yer mam
2) Fucking hell, He's shafting him so much!
by arse January 18, 2004
Others insert the pill into the anus where it is absorbed. This process is known as “shafting.”
i saw someone shafting ecstasy in a club
by moniibb January 31, 2007
Splitting your pants so badly that your dick falls out.
Bro, I think I just ripped my pants. Dude, you're totally shafting right now!
by Ferdolizer April 20, 2015
Getting oral sex.
Hey baby this shaft needs cleaning, get on it, shafting please!
by matty8121 May 22, 2010

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