to wait for a good friend to break up with their husband/girlfriend and take advantage by slipping in with the girl
guy 1:me and my girlfriend broke up...
guy 2:oh really?cause we just had sex
guy 1:you've been shadowing me? u asshole!
by Fuckin Badass January 10, 2006
Top Definition
To follow in the wake of another car to avoid a police radar detector
'Man how'd you avoid getting that ticket??'
'I was shadowing the car in front of me! They got the ticket instead!'
by BRNHN July 05, 2015
When two people purposely and routinely accompany one another everywhere they go. Shadowing is often a result of sexual tension between two males afraid to act on homosexual feelings for one another.
Those two dudes are shadowing the shit out of each other
by ZT14 June 25, 2016
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