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1. verb; To box (fight) with one's shadow.
2.noun; A shallow, framed, rectangular box usually with a glass front that is used for holding and protecting items on display.
1. Because it was a very sunny day, the children went outside to play. Most began a game of kickball, but little Billy decided to shadow box, and started to throw punches at his shadow.
2. Kate made a shadow box for her desk by placing pictures, ticket stubs, cards, and such in a glass frame.
by Caitlin R August 05, 2006
A woman's private parts that are covered in a 5 "o"clock shadow because she hasn't shaved her Muff in a couple days.
Stacy got out of the shower and I seen her shadow box! Tell her to go to the damn store and buy a razor. Her crotch is begining to look like she has Don King in a head lock between her legs.
by SassyJax01 May 24, 2011
when a person has lighter hair on the top layer and darker hair on the bottom layer.
eww that girls shadow box is so ugly. why not just keep it one color?
by umm yeah... February 03, 2009
A theatre-cabaret built for Rock 'n' Roll music, and sketch comdey. Essentially the same as SNL, but rated R.
Columbus, OH.
Newport, KY.
DUDE! We're going to Shadowbox later, wanna come?
by Llama McElvis September 01, 2007
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