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singer for cute is what we aim for.
is also god.
don't deny it.
you love him.
girl: "shaant. he is god."
boy: "yes."
by lawlz =] July 26, 2006
Lead singer of Cute Is What We Aim For. His hair is mad awesome. He's rad and a lyrical genious. His name is often mispronounced, it is pronounced SHAWN-T.
A: "Did you see Shaant & CUTE?"
B: "Pffft. YES! that boy is a lyrical GENIOUS!"
by C A I T L I N August 14, 2006
(verb)-the hottest most sexiest guy in the band cute is what we aim for!!he is known for having the best golden brown locks but is way more than just that!

shea: omg did u see shaant performing curse of curves this weekend! it was orgasmic!
jazzy:duh who doesnt luv his locks!!and those dreamy lyrics!!
by Shea920 August 05, 2007
originally from the name of cute is what we aim for lead singer Shaant Hacikyan, the word "shaant" can also be used to describe something insanely tall.
"wow that building is so tall"
"its gotta be at least half a shaant tall"
by Megan & Primrose May 18, 2008
asshat lead singer of cute is what we aim for. usually found sitting in a corner on his treo being mobbed by underage h0ttiz. enjoys twitching his hands & pulling his shirt down to his knees while hopping around the stage.
HAHAHAHAHAH cut it out bob you look like a shaant! i mean sped.
by CONJ! June 30, 2006
The dog-like creature that prances around on stage for the band Cute Is What We Aim For. Also known as Buttsex Is What We Fuck For.
"Hey, let's run to the dogpound so i can pick myself up a Shaant"
by Levada August 06, 2007
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