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To be the best to achieve greatness to achieve peace
the buddha achieved Shaan
by randomqwerty June 06, 2005
SHAY-anne - Noun; A female given name meaning "Place of Peace", derived from the Hebrew word "shalom".
My name is Shaan; not Shane, or Sean, or CHEYENNE. SHAY-ANNE! Say it with me, people! It's two syllables!
by Phoenix-Aanishnabekwe May 29, 2011
A complete bitch, who no one likes and always tries to run other peoples lives. She is mostly interested in things she has going on and if your schedule conflicts with her she will call you names.

Someone who gets angry easily, and likes to take it out on anyone but herself.
That girl totally just became a "Shaan" in my books.
by xx-evil-xx September 01, 2010

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