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what a student might say when they want to say "shit" but a teacher is around them
"HOly sh-nizzle!" said Taylor, as Mrs Akesyn looked at him.
by AcousticEmo December 04, 2008
2 0
when a girl is going down on you and youre about to bust, you proceed to sneeze on her at the same time.
dude, i completly shnizzled all over her face last night!
by sooob;azed June 05, 2009
26 12
replacement for the word shit
Im doing a whole bunch of shnizzle right now.
by anonymous August 14, 2003
26 15
Jewish gang term for shizzle
Jew 1: Hurry the fuck up with that shnizzle we're gonna be late for the Bar Mitzvah!

Jew 2: I don't give a shnizzle!
by Frogge January 16, 2004
26 17
its a combination of shizzle and nizzle... it saves time and its crunk
fo shnizzle (instead of fo shizzle my nizzle)
fo shneezy (instead of fo sheezy my neezy)
by j-money August 28, 2004
20 17
when somthingis just so awesome theres no other word for it
the paint job on that car is just the shnizzles
by 615cracker January 14, 2010
2 0
Being jizzed on by a camel chode while being choked out by a elephants balls.
Dude Austin is such a Shnizzle!
by Big Mike253 February 15, 2011
3 4