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the whistle you do when a hot dude/girl walks by. usually considered rude.
Joe wolf whistled when Carrie walked by
by AcousticEmo December 31, 2008
fuck and yeah. way better than saying fuck yeah
B: Yo K, lets go to the park and make out
K: Fuck yeah!
B: I'll still make out with you, but no one says fuck yeah anymore, its F'kyeah!
by AcousticEmo December 27, 2008
a girl with many freckles, usually hot. Can also come in boy genders, called SpotDudes.
Daaaaaammn, that SpotGirl's hot!
by AcousticEmo December 23, 2008
what a student might say when they want to say "shit" but a teacher is around them
"HOly sh-nizzle!" said Taylor, as Mrs Akesyn looked at him.
by AcousticEmo December 04, 2008
usually what someone says when they don't have very much money, but they are in a place were rich or fancy people go.
"This place is very quite shmancy," said Bob as he walked intoo the resturant and saw the curtains and the tables.
by AcousticEmo December 04, 2008
someone who does a fine art, like painting masterpieces, but acts like they are better than everyone else
Herman is very artsy-fartsy when people start talking about their jobs.
by AcousticEmo December 04, 2008
First heard in The Batman Beyond cartoon when someone looked in one of those picture change things of swimsuit girls. It is a universal word, much like your mom.

1. swear word: You goddam shwaying shway!

2. pleasure: Oh yes, shway that shway hole

3. congratulations: Shway, man

etc, etc, so on and so forth
I gave examples of shway in the definition. God Shway it!
by AcousticEmo December 27, 2008
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