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A person who embraces their geek qualities and therefore becomes cool for doing so.
someone who wears their pants too short and just doesn't care.
by sgeek in training March 11, 2004
A sgeek is a short for a geek that is sexy.
I was at school the other day I saw a sgeek
by Unknown999039 January 14, 2009
sgeek n. Slang - A person who enjoys things normally associated with being a geek but feels the need to keep it quiet in order to get laid.
SGEEK(to hot chick) - Hey, wanna see LOTR with me?

HC - Uhhhhh, you're joking right?

SGEEK - Hehe....of course. Hey, meet me at the China Club tonight!
Wipes sweat from brow
by pants_r_gone January 09, 2004

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