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Smiling for real.

Between a 'hehe' and a 'lol'. Mainly used instead of lol, since most people are lying and not actually laughing.
<G> God, you're such an ass
<E> sfr
by GGGD May 03, 2006
SFR is short for Santa Fe Rider, an aging motorcyclist located in Santa Fe, New Mexico who trolls several motorcycle boards angering younger and less experienced members.

His technique is to assume a "you don't know anything" and "I am better than you" attitude.

SFR talking to a board member:

"Who let you out? Go back to the steerage, where you belong"
by Marcelo Vasquez March 10, 2008
SFR is a "hacker" team that claims they are elite because they can hack Graal. SFR is filled with a bunch of no-life losers who spend their time all day on the computer hacking kiddie games with their retarded leader, Andrew Deflem aka Captainhax. SFR also stands for Searching for rabbits or searching for retards.
SFR thinks they're an elite hacker group.
by GraalOnline August 10, 2014
So Fucking Retarded
My teacher is sfr
by TESPA February 09, 2011
Single For a REASON
Yeah she's fine, but believe me Dude that Bitch is S.F.R.!
by maplefrost June 27, 2010
Stands for "Shit Fucking Rainbows" When you're down and out or just like "whatever" and through in the towel.
I just lost my job, had my car repossessed, and rent is three weeks late because I needed to eat this week. SFR!
by Darwin March 27, 2015
"Six Flags Rash". It's the chaffing you get in between your legs when you're at an amusement park all day long, it's 110 degrees outside, your inner thighs are sweating, and there's no barrier between one inner thigh and the other.
He's walking like he's got a bad case of SFR.

Naw, man, I can't play soccer today. I've got some serious SFR.
by superduperme January 28, 2011
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