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Serious Fucking Business
Crystal: omg my grandma died just now!

Anonia: haha wow that's some sfb
by chad5161 July 30, 2009
50 125
Stupid Facebook. Used to express frustration with Facebook for numerous reasons.

As it is described by its Facebook fan page:
It's not just Facebook. It's stupid Facebook. It's often broken, usually annoying, and occasionally appreciated. But stupid. sFB.
"Facebook is messed up again. sFB."

More often "sFB." appears to express user frustration with no other explanation needed.
by Communist pirate August 03, 2010
162 43
Shit for Brains
Hey sfb, what ya doing ??
by Bonehead April 08, 2003
233 145
So F***** Bored
As a status:
by K.LM19 September 03, 2011
18 6
Shit fer brains - someone who makes bad decisions and has no common sense.
His poor decision-making reflects his SFB.
by CATX gal June 18, 2013
5 1
skinny fat bitch.

a girl who eats a lot but is skinny
WOW that girl is eating a triple cheeseburger, shes an sfb!
by Gucci Khalifa May 02, 2011
17 13
SFB (Settle For Black): When a large white women reaches a certain age, viable white mates all but vanish, but there's always the option to 'settle for black'.
Damn, Heather's like she's put on a few. Another few years of that kind of diet, and she'll have to SFB.
by RockinRick February 28, 2012
9 6
Sour Faced Bitch. You have probably felt the affect of this person. She's the one at work watching your every move with a face that looks like its been slapped by a rotten lemon. No matter what you do or say, the S.F.B is miraculously well-informed by people at work who rat you out.
Quick man, minimize the porn site - the S.F.B is coming!

I can't talk now, I'm getting the S.F.B treatment.

Sorry, it wasn't me that farted.
by bennyfrou September 25, 2009
2 0