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The struggle of many over the course of the world. Sexurity is a hybrid desire for sex and security without the associated drama. Sexurity is reached when a person can have sex with someone, have it mean something, more than nothing, and feel good about it short term and long term. Sexurity is much different than love, bypassing the drama.
I just want some sexurity.
by General Bob Sanderz March 23, 2005
When you tell someone where you're going for a booty call with a stranger, just in case he turns out to be a psycho.
"Hey Susie - I'm going back to hotel room XYZ with that guy there; just telling you for my own sexurity.
by PeteMartin August 12, 2008
Sexual security.
"I have a boyfriend now, which means I also have sexurity."

"Plan B gives me sexurity."
by MMMira January 24, 2014
What many people have searched for, for much of their lives. Sexurity is the hybrid desire for sex and security at the same time. Sexurity is not love and its not sex, it is both sex and security, no drama.
Damn, can't I just get some sexurity?
by Bob Sanderz March 23, 2005
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