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When someone's sexual desires and lust become pent up due to reasons outside their control. It may result in sick sexual fetishes like tentacle rape, tubgirls, bestiality etc...
If you ever looked at a doujin comic from Japan, you can tell their whole culture is extremely sexually constipated due to the vast amounts of disgusting fetishes they draw.
by MechaTC October 30, 2005
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The pain and sadness that results from not performing sexual acts.
" What's up with him?"
"Oh, He's just sexually constipated dude! His girlfriend won't give him any."
by Borta58 June 16, 2012
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the act of 'not gettin any'
Joshua hasn't gotten lad in 2 months. He's sexually constipated.
by the black avenger March 31, 2010
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