of or relating to sex
sexual way is inapprpriate boy, dont be bad

but i like sexual.............way
by kdfhsakfh df April 28, 2009
What those bitches really mean when they say they're bi. They just like sex.
"I don't consider myself bisexual. Can we just call me sexual?"
by ariesjow July 28, 2005
Spanish, meaning sexy
La chica al lado, crees que ella es guapa?
(That girl by there, d'ya think she's fit?)
Si, muy sexual, claro.
(Yeah, very sexy, s'true)
by Hogan Pesda n Bath February 27, 2005
Pertaining to an act or event that is awesome.
S.M: F#%k that was a sexual pick by Champ Bailey

A.I: How was your day?
N.O: Oh you know, pretty sexual.
by nikos20 September 26, 2006
An exclamation, used to describe an inelegant, unlady-like, disgusting or otherwise nasty incident or situation. Often used when taking bad food out of a student refridgerator, when someone has just woken up with makeup smeared all over their face, or a bad landing in cheerleading resulting in the bases having to grab at any body part and your skirt ending up over your head.
"Dude, how long has that cheese been in there? 'bout 2 months? Sexual."

"Nice landing, you look so sexual right now!"
by jessie4000 June 07, 2006
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