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When someone embarks on a journey to find sexual gradification from a girl.
Dude, I've got a huge boner, lets go on a sexpedition.
by 1eyedmonster August 15, 2004
27 12
A name for a Ford Expedition that is known to assist the driver in getting bitches.
Awwww shit son. Here comes KLAZ in the Sexpedition.
by lazaroff April 02, 2010
8 2
Going on an extended drive, or expedition for sex, or the act of having sex in a Ford Expedition.
"Dude, I am driving all the way up to the westside for a mad sexpedition."

"He's got a nice ride, I'm about to ask him for a sexpedition"
by amandagfunk August 28, 2007
7 2
Pre-arranged mutual plans only based on wanting each other. Knowingly going somewhere with someone just to have sex.
Hey Sam! Want to come over and watch the game tonight?

Sorry bro, going on a sexpedition with Jenny.
by Haleyharris<3 March 13, 2009
3 1
To embark on an expedition for the sole purpose of getting laid. Be sure to bring your rain gear!
Tom went on a sexpedition last night at the local skag bar; he hadn't been laid in months.
by crazymeatball January 14, 2011
1 0