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This occurs the next day after a long night of love making. Your whole body hurts and is in a little pain from the great sex you had the night before. Its like a hang over but from sex and minus the headache.
My long night of love making with Ed caused me to have a sexover the next day.
by Patricia Redfern May 21, 2007
Like a sleepover, but instead of playing games and sleeping a couple has sex all night long. When its a man to cum at least 4 times.
Hey Mike are you trying to comeover tomorrow night and have a sexover instead of going to the bar?
by BaddestBitch88 June 07, 2011
Hangover like effects; Head ach, body ach resulting from sexual frustration, sexual feelings, sexual thoughts, sexual bitting and or sucking, or a shit load of hard core ass pounding sex.

Basically sex.
PublicImposter (3:15:10 PM): We need to make a sexover example, so how do you feel today sammy?
sammy whudafxup (3:23:42 PM): hmm, well i have wild hair and my head feels really heavy and i have a headache
by Melyssa Gelfman May 13, 2008