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A very sexy learning disorder.
"I am plagued with sexlexia!"
by One Ton Angel March 27, 2003
The inability to learn any subject taught by a ridiculously hot teacher.
Tom "Yo man how you doing in Professor Hazeliefs class? I hear shes a fox."
Harry "Shes too hot man... Every time i try to learn something my Sexlexia flares up."
by HK303 February 07, 2011
A mental ailment often causing one afflicted to mix up common terms for certain sexual action.
Girl: Hey do you want to 69

Sexlexia afflicted male: Nah, how about some 96?
by Andy Prefer March 13, 2014
A mental disorder where a person sees connotations for sex everywhere, principally within literature. The term can also be applied more generally to encompass all forms of communication and social life.
The concerned person will be very disagreeable and will, unconsciously, relate everything you say to him, to sex. He will be incapable of any clear thought whatsoever.
Certain people believe that sexlexia may cause an irreversible modification of the brain, which will block the victim from clear thought for the rest of his life. Specialists disagree over the cause of the illness, but it is most commonly believed that Sexlexia is not only influenced by the social lifestyle of the victim, but also by the size of his penis (very small).
Man 1: Did you see the fooball match last night?
Sexlexic: What, you have a foot fetish now do you?

Most common sexlexia symptom:
Man 2: It was so hot last night.
Sexlexic: Ur mom was so hot last night!

by TheZoolooMaster September 23, 2006
A learning disability which causes a male to attempt penetration of the wrong holes during intercourse. Often misdiagnosed as anal fixation.
Girl: WTF are you doing? That's my ear!

Guy: Sorry. I have Sexlexia.
by liquid7a5 February 19, 2009
The inability to pay attention to anything while have sex. The side effect of this is forcing you to put all your attention on the task at hand, while at the same time pleasing women in ways they never knew existed, and leaving them longing for more.

EX: not being able to watch TV, looking around room, and most common reading a book.

Side Note: Miguel and most Mexicans are afflicted by this disease!
Dude1: "Hey did you see the ending of the Sox game?"

Dude2: "No, I turned on the TV, positioned myself so I could sneak peaks while she was riding me, but in the end couldn't pay attention due to my sexlexia..."

Dude1: "That sucks dude"

Dude2: "W/e"

Dude1: "why is your girlfriend looking at you, and why does she have a smile on her face?"
by Migul Ivan August 25, 2008
Backwards about sex.
Unrefined sexually
As a virgin, he was sexlexic
by Mover December 03, 2004
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