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1. (verb) To apply sexiness in an act that is typically difficult to pull off, or to make abnormal ease of a task that is anywhere from unlikely to damn-well-near impossible.
Hazim: "Yo Ayub, Acap sexied the Neurophysiology exam."
Ayub: "No way, what did he get?"
Hazim: "50 outta 60."
Ayub: "Damn, sexied is right."


Majed: "You wont believe what happened, they had the place surrounded, spotlights, SWAT, even a freakin helicopter, then outta nowhere the dude looks out the window, fires one shot from the .357 Mag, and the helicopter spins outta control and crashes all over their blockade. Then he walks outta there like he was strolling through the park!"

Omar: "Damn, he sexied that escape bro."

Majed: "Damn right he did."
by Ayub May 07, 2008
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