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sexpools are events during which drunk guys can take advantage of your girlfriend.
Man, those all ages concerts are such freakin sexpools. I'd avoid them if I were you!
by Aaron Myung July 23, 2006
1. A place on a coed prep school campus were students of the opposite sexes go for extralegal sexual activity. The area's original use has now long since been forgotten and is now considered a disgusting place were one in their right mind would ever visit unless they were going to preform extralegal sexual activities.
Theo- Hey Loren, The Rock gardens fucking disgusting
Loren- Yea, everyone just goes there to have sex.
Theo- Yea its a sex-pool, and the rock garden club just planted moss there so that its fucking soft on the rocks... perfect for sex
Loren- Hahah sex pool... sounds like cess pool... AND BOTH ARE DISGUSTING!!!!
Theo- true true.... j0 lets put it on!
by Anonymous May 26, 2003
where an orgy is held, my friend alex made it up. We were at an orgy and he said there is a complete sex pool in the master bedroom.
Jamie: Hey roscoe my parents are out of town lets call some people up and make this place a sex pool.
by KroSS September 15, 2004
The available population in your league and region that are currently available for sex
Bob was single and desperate for a fuck, so he asked who was in the sex pool.
by wheresthesexpool November 04, 2007
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