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Someone who has sexual relations with not only the entire football team but the waterboy too.
Person 1: DUDE, Megan is such a Sex Machine!
Person 2: DUDE, Sex Machine is Megan!
by hpsedrnieaml January 22, 2011
23 24
More often than not, a male, who without thought or feelings mindlessly pursues women for sexual gratifacation.He eats sleeps and drinks sex. A one trick pony!
Vinny had sex with three different women last night, what a sex machine he is!
by Victim/Vindicated September 29, 2007
34 37
A bracelet made from cheap yarn sold by black street vendors in Paris to unsuspecting tourists. First, they bum rush the tourist and then slip it on while repeatedly chanting "sex machine." In actuality, the bracelet only gives the wearer a random STD. English tourists are charged the ridiculous price of ten euros. Only five for Americans.
"I can't believe I just payed five euros for this sex machine!"
by saggy sammy July 10, 2008
22 31
To be very sexy.
"Hey Sex Machine" (There is an implied lust involved)
39 50
A man from Dothan, AL named Brad Philpot! Best sex you will ever have!!!
OMFG I just had sex with Brad Philpot five times in a row and it was amazing!!! He is the best sex machine ever!! I'm still cuming!!!
by Cumtastic Lover April 01, 2011
9 25
Any boy on a good day; Aka Sy-kun
My mom told me Justin was a sex machine; was she ever right!
by XakaiXameX December 24, 2006
22 38
To shake your money maker
sex machine ah
by James Brown July 17, 2003
21 39